Biochimestry analysers

The Tresa decontamination unit has been designed to treat concentrated and non-concentrated wastewater generated by biochemistry analyzers or combined Biochemistry and Immunochemistry analysers.
“Plug and Play” the Tresa unit is fully automated and can easily be placed next or behind analysers in laboratories were limited space is available.

Hematology analysers

Like the Tresa Unit, the Orbe decontamination principle is based on a set UvC dose applied against the wastewater. As the effluent generated by Hematology analyzers are more concentrated that Biochemistry analyzers the dilution parameters have been set a different level to obtain the appropriate optical density before decontamination cycle starts.

General laboratory

Tresa O3 is the on-site solution designed to help health care laboratories overcome the most stringent requirements related to effluent treatment by:
– Neutralization and inactivation of pathogens / microorganisms
– Oxidizing chemical compounds
– Improving the biodegradability of effluents to a COD/BOD ratio <3*

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) used by the Tresa O3 combines Ozone (O3) with UVc at 254nm to offer a powerful effluent treatment solution for all the wastewater generated by laboratory analyzers. Organic oxidation occurs due to the indirect reaction with produced hydroxyl radicals (OH°), dissolved molecular Ozone (O3) and direct photolysis generated by the UV Lamp. The Tresa 03 system can decontaminate up to 1’000L of wastewater per day.