Tresa O3 is the on-site solution designed to help health care laboratories overcome the most stringent requirements related to effluent treatment by:
– Neutralization and inactivation of pathogens / microorganisms
– Reducing COD Level
– Improving the biodegradability of effluents to a COD/BOD ratio <3*

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) used by the Tresa O3 combines Ozone (O3) with UVc at 254nm to offer a powerful effluent treatment solution that neutralizes organic compound in the effluent. Organic oxidation occurs due to the indirect reaction with produced hydroxyl radicals (OH°), dissolved molecular Ozone (O3) and direct photolysis generated by the UV Lamp. The process consists of three different reactions: direct, indirect and mechanism. These three reactions will oxidize and neutralize organic compound in the wastewater.